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Mauri Sumén, born in Lappeenranta October 2nd 1965, is a Finnish composer, musician, music producer and music teacher. He has composed film scores since 1988, when he got his first chance from director Aki Kaurismäki. His education is a clarinet teacher and a music teacher. He started recording with the rock bands in 1980. He played keyboards and accordion in the Leningrad Cowboys 1987–2006. Sumén has nine gold records, one gold single, one diamond record and one platinum DVD.

Sumén is composing for the films and TV-drama series. He does the orchestration work himself when ever there is an orchestra available. He is also well experienced in programming and electro-style composing. In addition Sumén does arrangements for symphony orchestras.
Sumén is also composing orchestral music and several Finnish orchestras has played his Ritmo Animale serie for choir and orchestra.

Mauri Sumén was invited to the European Film Academy and World Soundtrack Academy in 2004. 

He won the Finnish Jussi-film prize in 1993 for the score of Prodical Son by Veikko Aaltonen. He was nominated the same year also for the Nordic Amanda prize for the Best Composer. Pater Noster by Veikko Aaltonen won the Finnish State Award in 1993.

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